Tuesday, January 11

Martine Rose

This shirt is spectacular
Her new items in Selfridges are completely striking, like a toned down Micheal Van Der Ham for menswear and very inspiring 

Friday, January 7

The closest thing to a subculture this week...

I have MAJOR hat envy. The Russian fruit pastille casually hanging around outside Nandos has been the most interensting thing ive seen at home. Take me back to London. 

Monday, January 3


looks like my face a bit

Got to love a bit of sleaze

 Ohhhhh my I love Julie Verhoevan. One day I will make beautiful paintings just like this!
These illustrations are from wallpaper designed for Jaeger that I found somewhere around Regent Street when I was lost... maybe I should invest in a compass.

The genius of the 1930's. What an accessory