Thursday, December 9


Liberty are so proud of their heritage and branded designs that they've started accessorising african wild life  and mounting it on the wall. There are worse things you could wear I suppose...

You walk into urban outfitters and instantly want everything; the cult branded clothes, the fun chilled out interior, the music and the little nick-nacks everywhere whisper in your ear "your life would be so much cooler if you had me".

Topshop saturates our lives with endlessly changing trends and a constant chain of new products that are thrust in your face until your in a worrying amount of debt, however the styling of the clothes throughout the store is rather seductive and often quirky, acting as lookbooks and showing you how to dress (whether it is helping or dictating is up for debate...).  

The slightly odd setting of B store compliments the unusual menswear brands found inside; they are as confident in picking each individual item of the few brands that there are as they are in their own brand, which was developed because of  B Stores prestigious menswear status. 

The interiors of Bluebird are integral to the image of the store and acts as a canvas for a wealth of creativity to be applied to, this reworked antique chair acts as both product and furniture because it represents the eclectic mix of styles, tastes, brands and customer that move in and out of Bluebird

The magnetic pull of Selfridge's towards anyone with a desire for fashion is unyielding and the sheer range of brands, budgets and tastes ensures an almost unlimited customer base, the products are fresh, contemporary and covet-able.

 Acne is completely fabulous: with the interior and layout of an art gallery it is the perfect space to present their contemporary garments, the modern art spread around the shop creates the illusion that the fashion is also art. 

 I love the conceptual image of Dover Street Market, each brand is a shop within a shop, a mise en abyme of interiors and as I meanderd through these i was surprised to see classic brands such as YSL merged between the lesser known brands and even exquisite haute childrenswear! 

The thrill of finding a treasure in a charity shop is amplified a hundred times in Oxfam Boutique because you are surrounded by so many pieces of exciting and high quality clothing, it doesn't even feel like a charity shop as the merchandising and layout looks as professional as any other west London boutique, though perhaps a little more rustic. 

I adore Matches as you get the joy of the exquisite fashion without the twitchy feeling you get when a snooty sales assistant breathes down your neck, it feels clean and fresh and the minimalistic interiors let the clothes speak for themselves,or rather sing in velvet tones!

I have a love//hate relationship with Browns because, whilst some of the clothes are worthy of museum status,  it is impossible to relax and enjoy them because the staff are completely vile, however a stunning Lanvin dress helped me get over this quite quickly. Want. 

The Holly Fulton dresses above as good as sum up Browns Focus: youthful, edgy, energetic and eccentric, Browns focus is a "how-to" of progressive fashion.

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