Tuesday, May 3

Be a "new" New Romantic for a Day. A guide to live your life by

Its not like I really need to explain that Shoreditch is the new home of art and fashion in London, But a small history lesson will pass a few pleasant minutes and inspire a New Romantic pilgrimage to experience the decadant nightlife, buy authentic New Romantic clothing and absorb the contemporary art of the white cube. Lets all be new New Romantics.

The East End club kids are the new Blitz Kids. Shoreditch is the new Soho.
New Romantic nightspots such as Heaven and KoKo are still around but the electric, artistic and flamboyant mood that they possessed  has transferred to the east end clubs such as Avalon and Dalston superstore.

Or just walk around and see what you find. Shoreditch is full of secrets. There will definitely be some sort of highly illegal high stakes and high drama party somewhere which only the most fabulously dressed can attend. 
So get your glitter on. 

I think we all need to say a small thank you to to Jay Joplin for giving us the White Cube, which came to Hoxton Square in 2000 bringing artists, desgners and  a world of fashion with it. The White Cube only has the best artists so you wont be wasting your time. My favourites have been Tracy Emin, Katharina Fritsch and Gary Hume. Make like a New Romantic artist and obsess over art for an afternoon.

There are about 3 million vintage shops in the area selling many real and fake New Romantic styles, but the obsessors seem to be Blondie  (off  Spitalfilds market )
I think they keep Boy George in a back room and blackmail him for his wardobe pieces. Its the only reasonable explanation. 

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