Tuesday, May 3

Dance At...

             SHABBA dabba da....
                                                                  "ARTISTS, FAGS, FASHION, GLITTER & YOU"

Every month the New Romantic dregs of London, east end club kids and those to whom glitter is porn head to Avalon for Shabba Dabba Da, a club night without inhibitions and  place where you will forever feel under-dressed . Hosted by the magnetic emperor of  London's   arty club scene, Daniel Lismore,  Shabba is a world where being ostentatious is a requirement and colour is a drug. 
Be prepared for competitive dressing, cross dressing unashamed decadence and a night of shock theatre, for Shabba is a showcase of London's creatives and true fashion leaders. 

 Shabba is what would happen if the Blitz Kids took over studio 54
you 'll definately get your moneys worth. 

Barbies should always have 3 heads

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