Tuesday, May 3

Obsess Over...

             Mr Pustra...
                                                                             Golly, if you could be anything why would you not want to be this

Cabaret artist Mr Pustra is a dark romantic vision of  night-time naughtiness and sinister seduction. The love child of Leigh Bowrey and Sally Bowles has been unleashed upon the world, embodying  the legendary cabarets of Wiemar Berlin and bringing it to the London burlesque and club scenes .  Find Mr Pustra at Torture Gardens, the  dark and renowned fetish night , Burlesque club Volupte and at Circus alongside Jodie Harsh .

 Pustra makes Narcissism an art-form, performing in self adoration and magnetising his audiences with his outfits, a 1930s explosion of German Expressionism.
 Pustra merges New Romanticism with the ominous atmosphere and erotic scenes of pre-war Germany . He is the character I only wish I could be.  

Mr Pustra singing "Missed Me" at Au Camionneur in Strasbourg. Please someone build a time machine so I could be there .

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